Way down

Now hunting way-down from previous top and lost trade do to tight stop (previous post)
Position: Entry: 1.3818; SL 1.3835; TP: 1.3711
Targets (Fibo retracements): 1.3788  and 1.3779

Another los and another entry. It must go down.
Entered at 1.3841, no SL or TP

The Chart



Possible trend reversal on AUD/USD because it is touching  upper channel line. Also D1 chart shows downtrend and end of correction. We will see it soon.

Screenshot from 2014-03-05 17:28:22

Selection_001Looks like is going down to 0.8150

Bad trading 5 Mar 2014

bad tradeAfter some good day I have made mistake.

  1. Took to much risc. (actually incidentally by not checking how much equity I do put in the trade)
  2. Keep in mind some opinions in last week webinar with prospects for coming week.
  3. Not following a trend. My LONG trade was taken in the middle of progressing down trend.
  4. Because of high stakes I’am reluctant to close the trade.
  5. I think we will get double bottom formation and might recover.
  6. Political situation and tensions in Ukraine can have unexpected effects on market.

Result was -45 pips because I was hoping and did not cut the trade.


#ISSWave, pomachaj do przelatujacej stacji kosmicznej

Od kilku dnie korzystając z dobrej pogody in ciepłych wieczorów sledze przeloty Międzynarodowej Stacji Kosmicznej ISS. Jeszcze do konca maja ISS przelatuje nad Europa po zachodzie słońca i jest najjaśniejszym obiektem na niebie, po księżycu o ile jest widoczny.
Czasy przelotów mozna sprawdzic na kilku (angielskojezycznych stronach):

Własne obserwacje można umieścić na twitter.com stosując nastepujacy sklad wiadomosci:#isswave kod pocztowy miasto kraj i wiadomość
Tak sformułowana wiadomość pojawi sie na mapce strony http://www.isswave.org/iss-wave-map/#twitter-feed-map gdzie można zobaczyć obserwacje z całej ziemi. Mysla przewodnia strony “isswave” jest pomachać do satelity kiedy przelatuje nad naszymi głowami.

Obserwacje ISS

Dodatkowa frajda jest fotografowanie przelotów. Do tego potrzeba jest kamera z możliwością ustawienia czasu naświetlania powyżej 15 sekund no i statyw. Kilka z moich obserwacji udało mi się utrwalić na zdjęciach:


Live Video stream ze stacji kosmicznej ISS http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/isslivestream.asx

The Smart Swarm by Peter Miller

Great story about behavior and social structures of ants, bees, termites and bird flocks. There is so much for humans to learn from a small insects. It is fascinating to observe the very efficient way of decision making used by those insects. In the book we discover how flock of birds can fly without individuals to bump each other.
All this swarms thrive for millions of years without any supervision. Do we really need a managers if we adopt the swarms behavior in lives of humans?
This scientific book is very easy to read and understand, only “problem” it has it is to short.
I like this book very much and looking forward to read more books like this. At amazon there is a recommendation to Honeybee Democracy
Honeybee Democracy by Thomas D. Seeley.




Partially doe to my work but mostly of my personal interest I have read (listen) to this fascinating book about patterns found in chaos. Professionally I am involved in road traffic management works in The Netherlands. Road traffic is a good representation of chaos where many patterns are already discovered but there is still lot of work to be done.
This book gave me good inside about new developing science and I found this book very engaging. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in mathematics, physics, population biology and other diverse fields.


Audible.co.uk and audible.com

I like audio books a lot, so I decided to try Audible after hearing about in number of podcasts. To get a account was the easy part, all you need is a Credit Card number and you are ready to go. With my first credit available I have selected a book and then difficulties started.

  1. Linux. I tend to use Ubuntu Linux most of the time. To download your book form Audible you will need a Windows computer with the Audible Download Manager installed. When I pressed the “Login to Audible” button in the Audible Download Manager, my default web browser Chrome have opened and I tried to login. Correction, form March 2011 Chrome is working with Audible Downloadd Manager on Windows 7. No way, I could not login because the Download Manager connected me with Audible.com (USA version) when my account was created at Audible.co.uk. Then I logged in at Audible.co.uk manually and tried again to connect  with the Audible Download Manager – it did not work!
  2. Calling support. The customer support responded quickly on the phone. I have explained my difficulties while connecting to My Library at Audible. The problem was “wrong” browser. I have to use IE in order to connect.
  3. Audio devices. After going through wired wizard I have chose an audio device (no Android available) then the download has started.. My Creative ZEN player is a supported device. Between other supported are iPad, iPod, Blackberry, Java, Palm, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Windows Mobile. Later on you can add a lot of different devices.
  4. Lack of portability. I want to listen to downloaded books on my car audio system which supports MP3 and WMA. However there is no way to move downloaded book on a USB stick or memory card. So I’m stuck with pocket MP3 player in a car.
  5. Workarounds. It looks that books from Audible can be played in Apple iTunes. I have installed yet another unnecessary piece of software on my computer. With iTunes I was able to burn a CD to use in my car.

Conclusion. If you are addicted to audio books it is as far I know the best you can get. If you listening to books only from time to time you may be better off with account at Amazon.com.



  • It is good price for Audible account, you get one credit a month just for 3,99 GBP (4,80 EUR).
  • Large collection and many new audio books.


  • Highly inconvenient
  • Forced to use proprietary software (Windows, IE, iTunes, Audible Download Manager)
  • Downloaded content is not easy to transfer to another device.
  • When you quit Adible account you lose your books.
  • It is not easy to share a downloaded Audible book with a friend.
  • Audible.co.uk IS NOT Audible.com That’s why Audible Download Manager does not work flawless with the UK version of Audible.